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Each year thousands of school children and adults visit the museum to discover Connecticut’s past. Guided tours of the museum are available on a limited basis and generally take about 30 minutes depending on group size, interest, subject etc. Contact Patrick Smith at 860-757-6534 to learn more about the tour options.

Many groups often combine a visit to our museum with a tour of the Connecticut State Capitol which is right across the street. To arrange a Capitol tour please contact the League of Women Voters at 860-240-0222.

Or we can come to you…….

The museum offers two outreach education programs:

Connecticut Invents! highlights famous and not so famous Connecticut inventors and inventions from the early 19th century to the present. Hands on activities even allow the kids to become inventors themselves! The program works best for students in 4th or 5th grade but has also proven popular with middle school and adult groups. Program time is 60 minutes but can be varied depending on host schedule and needs.

A Connecticut Sampler is an introduction to Connecticut’s political, industrial and military history.  Topics include early Connecticut settlers,  the Charter and Charter Oak, Connecticut symbols and nicknames, famous Connecticut products and much more. This program is suitable for grades 3-5, but accommodations for other groups can be made. Program time is 60 minutes but can be varied depending on host schedule and needs.

Suggested donation for the programs is $25.00 per program presentation at your school or library. (example: if we present 3 programs the suggested donation would be $75.00) All donations collected allow us to purchase materials and supplies for the programs. Please call Patrick Smith at 860-757-6534 or email patrick.j.smith@ct.gov  to learn more or to schedule a program.

For the 2014-2015 school year outreach programs will be available on Monday or Friday only due to other projects I am involved in at the museum.

Learn more about the museum by visiting our website at www.museumofcthistory.org

Museum of CT History, Located in State Library Building

Museum of Connecticut History, Located in State Library Building, Hartford.

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