About the Museum of Connecticut History

Made in Connecticut

Made in Connecticut

The Museum of Connecticut History is a museum of Connecticut government, industrial and military history. Housed in the 1910 State Library and Supreme Court building, the Museum consists of Memorial Hall, a spectacular Beaux-Arts style gallery and three adjoining exhibit areas. Highlights include the Colt Firearms Collection, the Governors Portrait Gallery, Connecticut documents including the Royal Charter of 1662, the Connecticut Freedom Trail Quilt and the Mitchelson Coin Collection.

The Museum is located at 231 Capitol Avenue in Hartford Connecticut in the same building as the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court. Museum hours are Monday-Friday 9 am-4pm and Saturday 9am-2 pm. Admission is free. For further information call 860-757-6534 or visit our website at www.museumofcthistory.org

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall

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