Connecticut Invents! At Your School or Library

Connecticut Invents! is an outreach education program presented by the Museum of Connecticut History. The goal of the program is to teach students of all ages about Connecticut inventors and their inventions from the past 200 years up to the present. Connecticut Invents! is presented at schools and libraries throughout the state to audiences from 4th grade to adults. The program has been designed to meet a number Connecticut Department of Education standards in history, science and technology education. But most of all it has been designed to be fun! It’s a hands on discovery that brings out the inner inventor in all of us.

A suggested donation of $25.00 per program presentation ( example: if we do 3 presentations at your school the suggested donation would be $75.00) which allows us to enhance and improve our education programs. We will travel to you to present the program. Generally the program is 60 minutes in length but can be adjusted to meet your scheduling needs. Up to 25 students may take part in each presentation and we can present up to four programs a day. Please consider taking advantage of this fun, educational and hands-on learning opportunity!

For the 2014-2015 school year this program is available on Monday or Friday due to other initiatives I am involved in at the museum.

To book a program or learn more contact Patrick Smith, Education Curator, at 860-757-6534 or

Courtesy Max Steinmetz/New Milford Spectrum

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