Connecticut Invention of the Day: A Sweetheart of a Toaster

The common American kitchen toaster. Found in many homes around the United States. Often tucked into a small spot on a counter, frequently used, but not often truly noticed and appreciated. Perhaps because today many toasters are bland, boring objects that invite anonymity. There was once a time though when kitchen toasters were something special, worthy of a design that has withstood the test of time with its beauty, style and panache……here’s a Connecticut example:

The “Sweetheart Toaster”. Officially known as the Model E-9410, made by Landers, Frary and Clark of New Britain Connecticut. A design patent was granted to George E. Curtiss in May of 1929 for this design which still charms today.

Picture 019

The mechanicals of how it works are also something special. Press either button on the side of the unit and a cage swings out for you to put the bread in. Release the button and the cage swings back in to begin the toasting process. Simple, effective and even somewhat entertaining. We have a large collection of toasters here at the museum. This is one of my favorites… sweetheart you might say.


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