Connecticut Invention of the Day: Ahem



There’s a whole lot of coughing, throat clearing and the like going on. At least to my ears. Of course I spend a lot of time in elementary school classrooms where some strain of the common cold or  some allergy causing particles seem to be always floating through the air. My first act upon leaving a school is to douse myself in hand sanitizer……I keep a gallon jug of it in my trunk….of course it’s all in vain, eventually something will get you.

Perhaps if something “got you” back in 1889, a cough say, you could swill some of this Connecticut patented Cough Sirup (that’s the way it’s spelled on the application!) created by Francis M. Jaques of New London. Check out the list of ingredients. The usual ones are there including Hoarhound, Wild Cherry Bark and Licorice. My favorite though has to be a half pint of Rye Whiskey. Now that will certainly make you feel better!  Of course this recipe makes about 3 gallons of the sirup. This should be taken “three times a day after meals. In extreme cases the doses may be taken oftener.” Rye Whiskey, Cherry Bark, Rock Candy and Licorice? Ahem indeed!


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