Connecticut Invention of the Day: Potato Chips and Pi

State Line potato Chips

Happy National Potato Chip Day! Yes, every March 14th this humble snack is celebrated and consumed in all its salty goodness. In fact Americans eat about 1.2 billion pounds of chips every year! By far they are the most popular snack food  across the country.

Today, 3/14, is National Pi Day as well. Yes “pi” and not Pie. Pi as in the mathematical pi which is 3.14159265358979323846

Got it? Confused? Me too. I was always better at eating chips than understanding math….

So to celebrate chips here is a Connecticut invention that could help make them. From 1952 a Vegetable Slicer from the Strand Brothers Manufacturing Company of Ansonia:


Now to the pi(es). I prefer the baked kind as opposed to the math variety. I’ll take Lemon Meringue, Apple, Coconut Cream and of course Pecan Pie over 3.14 any time. I can imagine this “Improvement in Pie Cases” from Henry Olds  of New Haven full of all those fresh-baked varieties back in the late 1800’s……


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