Connecticut Inventions of the Day:Toys for Boys


My birthday is coming up, so I figure I’m going to indulge myself with a few toy inventions from Connecticut’s past. Boys like toys so what the heck……here are a few of my favorite patented ones from our past…..

Old cars are one of my favorite ways to spend (read waste) money. I’m a sucker for old Swedes; Volvo’s, Saabs and the like. Like many boys I grew up playing with toy cars, but not one as fancy as this from Harold Allen and the Gong Bell Manufacturing Company of East Hampton:


Now if one is going to spend money on toys of course you need a place to save it. My kids have some pretty basic piggy banks to store away their nickels and dimes. Back in the day though some pretty fancy and ingenious banks came from Connecticut makers such as J & E Stevens of Cromwell, H.L. Judd of Wallingford and Ives Manufacturing of Bridgeport. Here’s a design for a bank from Friend William Smith of Bridgeport:


Another toy bank, from Charles Bailey of Cobalt, has some very prophetic words printed on it: “Oh If I Had Only Put Some Money In The Bank”. Sound familiar?


Here’s one that I like just because of the drawing included in the patent application. A “Toy Torpedo” from William Reiff and George Curtis of Bridgeport. The kid in the picture just looks like trouble waiting to happen….but then again boys will be boys……


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