Connecticut Invention of the Day: Some Stylin Ear Muffs


Downright chilly this morning in the Nutmeg State!  A whopping 2 degrees when I started the car. Sporting my best cold weather gear including my new Hartford Whalers winter hat I was quite comfy once the heated seat in my car warmed up. While the Whalers hat might be the epitome of retro cool in my opinion it doesn’t compare to today’s Connecticut invention on style points.

Below is the design for “Jeweled Ear Muffs” patented by Jean Brownlee Dolton in 1951. Even better they are from my neck of the woods, Hazardville, Connecticut. Historically Hazardville is better known as the home of the Hazard Powder Company one of the more famous gun powder manufacturers in US history.

These muffs just seem to me to ooze 1950’s understated glamour. I can see a well dressed lady, out for a cold winter’s night on the town, sporting these as she steps out of a big, long and low 51 Caddy…..


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