Connecticut Invention of the Day: Happy National Ice Skating Month!


Apparently January is National Ice Skating Month. My Mom liked to ice skate and taught me early on how to lace up the skates and hit, (literally many times) the ice. The cold air, frozen ice and warm sunshine on a local pond is a beautiful thing. Pick up hockey games were a big part of my youth during cold Connecticut winters. I still skate occasionally in the winter if the weather cooperates. My son was asking us the other day to go skating here in Hartford at the outdoor rink in Bushnell Park. (which I think is one of the best things Hartford has done recently.)

To celebrate National Ice Skating Month here is a modern invention from Rowayton Connecticut for a “Traction Device to Walk on Ice While Wearing Ice Skate Scabbard“. The Patent Application was filed back in 2011. I don’t think it has been approved yet, so let’s hope that happens…..


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