Connecticut Patent of the Day: Sweeeeet!

So today I made a discovery here in the museum that made my day a whole lot tastier. The snack vending machine which normally stocks snacks that border on the absurd has for some reason been stocked with my favorite and what I think is the best candy bar of all time. The Zero Bar.A candy bar that dates back to the 1920’s and normally found in old timey candy shops and what not. (Though I have found them on occasion in Walmart.) I literally was breezing by the machine when the familiar to me Zero wrapper caught my eye and stopped me mid step. Quickly I reached into my pocket to see if I have enough change to go get one after lunch. The Zero along with my Connecticut made Avery’s Soda Root Beer will make a sugary high for me that should at least last a half an hour…..I can’t wait!

So with that in mind here is a Connecticut invented “Wrapped Candy Doll” from 1921. (The 1920’s were a boom time for candy making in the U.S.) In the patent application the inventor, Adelaide M. Porter of Greenwich  describes the doll as both a toy and a candy: “The wrapped candy may be played with as a doll until it is desired to eat the candy.”  Frankly the drawing on this thing is kind of creepy looking, but I bet it sure tasted good! So while I go enjoy my Zero and Root Beer ponder to yourself how you would go about eating this sweet Connecticut invention……


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