Connecticut Patent of the Day: Let’s Play With Our Food!

The garden at  our house is in full swing this summer. Tomatoes are taller than my 6-year-old, cukes are climbing up the fence with too many blossoms to count, beans are especially tasty when grilled with a bit of olive oil and the taters are about the size of a golf ball and getting bigger by the day. This is the first year I put up a fence around the garden and it seems to have made all the difference in the world. No more midnight snacks for Peter Rottentail or old Mr. Woodchuck.  My posts are  made from left over tree debris from the October storm of last year and chicken wire fence. Looks rustic but does the job just fine.

My kids like to pick the veggies but not eat them too much yet. I won’t push them to eat the veggies though. Eventually they’ll figure out they taste pretty good. Heck, I used to have a rule that I never ate anything green unless it was a Shamrock Shake and I turned out pretty healthy….maybe if I can get them to play with their food that will make the veggies seem more appealing? Hmmm……maybe that’s what this Connecticut inventor had in mind.

Patented in 1928 I present you with Norwich inventor Zaida Webb’s “Garden Doll”:



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