Shamrock Shakes are back seemingly earlier this year! Usually I have to wait til March 1st to get my fix. But the other day, driving by the local Mickey D’s there they were!! Paired with a Filet O’ Fish there’s nothing better…..

Connecticut Invents!

March is a glorious month for many reasons. Winter is done, pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training, March Madness starts soon, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates all things Irish, bulbs start sprouting from the mud, we set our clocks ahead, my birthday (and my oldest son’s) are this month, and best of all……….


Now, I can’t find a lot of evidence to prove this, but by some accounts, and from rumors I’ve heard for years, they were invented by a McDonald’s franchisee from Enfield, (my hometown) Connecticut. And strangely enough, invented in 1966,  the same year I was born! Can you say Karma!!!

Never had one? I pity you. Minty liquid gold they be. 420 calories of pure, fake minty flavor, in a shade of green that makes one think of the “Old Sod”.  Pair it up with a couple cheeseburgers and you have the…

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