Connecticut Product of the Day: Radio Rex!

Usually I deal with Connecticut patents on this blog. Today is different, for I have discovered one of the coolest toys ever made in Connecticut. While it was patented in New York, it was made right here in the Nutmeg State. I give you Radio Rex:

Made in New Haven!

Rex may be the first voice activated toy ever produced and apparently he was a very popular item back in the teens and 1920’s. This example was made by the John Hugo Manufacturing Company of New Haven. Check out how much the toy cost back in the day:

Inspired by the many patents of inventor Christian Berger, who worked for the Submarine Wireless Company of New York, below is one of his patents for the toy. Seems to work  in some ways like an early version of the infamous “Clapper” don’t you think? (But much more fun of course!)


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