Connecticut Patent of the Day: A Doughnut Tragedy


Today is a good day for doughnuts: rainy, dark, a make a pot of coffee and eat some doughnuts kind of day. And there are some great doughnut places in Connecticut. Neil’s in Wallingford and Tastease here in Hartford are my favorites. In coincidence, today while doing some food history research, (yes I actually get paid to do this kind of stuff), I ran across a very amusing story in the November 17th 1899 edition of the Hartford Courant with a doughnut related bent. Here’s an abbreviated version:

Doughnuts Destroyed

Small Fire in a Morgan Street Bakery Last Night

The burning of a pan of doughnuts at the Bakery of Arnold & Dobmeier, No 69 Morgan street, was the cause of the calling out of the fire department at 10:40 o’clock last night. When the fire bell sounded many thought that the shooting stars were visible and there was a good deal of disappointment when  it was learned that it was burning doughnuts instead of burning meteors that had brought the people out. The fire was quickly smothered with flour and sawdust.  The damage will be lighter than the doughnuts. Several crullers were a  total loss.

So, with that in mind here’s the Connecticut Patent of the Day. From 2003, a Donut Maker invented by Christopher Hennessey of Stamford:



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