Connecticut Patent of the Day:Race Weekend

I love the smell and sounds of  internal combustion engines, especially vintage ones of the Ferrari, Porsche, MG, Triumph, Fiat, Lola, Lotus and Jaguar breeds. I’ll get plenty starting tomorrow when the annual Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival begins in the little town of Lakeville Connecticut. The family will be packed up in our decidedly non-racing minivan to make the trek out to the track. It will be the kids first venture there. I’ve been going for years, beginning when I was 16, new drivers license in hand, at the wheel of an old pumpkin orange Saab 99. Since we couldn’t afford the ticket price then my friends and I would find a tree nearest to the track and sit on one of the branches to take in the races. Great times….

Trolling around to find a suitable Connecticut related racing patent I found this design patent for a toy racing boat from Granville W. Wright of New Haven in 1898. Timely considering the amount of rain we’ve gotten around here lately. Don’t think I’ll see one of these on the track tomorrow, but nevertheless it is still pretty cool……..


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