Connecticut Patent of the Day: I Needed this Back in the 80’s!

Patent # 488,206 C.D. Judd of Bridgeport, 1892

Math is not my forte. Hence, my chosen career as a Museum Curator. I still can’t figure out why my wife lets me do our taxes every year when she has the more mathematical mind……

Anyway, above is the patent of the day, from 1892, patented by C.D. Judd of Bridgeport, the “Adding-Pencil.” This looks awesome and I can only wonder what levels of math proficiency I may have achieved back in school if I had one of these……who am I kidding though, more likely I would have taken it apart to see how it works, only then not be able to get it back together.

Not sure if this invention ever came to fruition, but the Computer History  Museum out in California has in their collections this pamphlet from the Adding Pencil Company out of Missouri which has the same goal in mind.

Courtesy of the Computer History Museum


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