Connecticut Patent of the Day: It’s a “Shoe-In”!

I’m in the summer slowdown mood here at the museum. School outreaches are done for a little while, now I can reorganize and reinvigorate them for when I start-up again in the fall. We’re prepping for a new exhibit opening which is fun because I get to use all kinds of power tools, research new topics and think of ideas on how to get visitors amped up for the topic of the exhibit. (Connecticut’s role in the Civil War!)

I’ve also noticed that I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while…… So, I think for the summer I’ll try something new and fairly low-key. Every few days I’ll post something that was patented or a patent filed for on that particular day from a Connecticut inventor. No problem with material, there are literally thousands, hundreds of thousands actually of Connecticut patented items going back to the late 1700’s! Some may be well-known, many probably obscure, but I think they will give the reader an overview of the array of items that have been invented here in the Nutmeg state.

Up first, a patent application for this date, July 18, 1941: aDesign for a Shoe” by Claude H Daniels of Greenwich, Connecticut. Not that I’m too much into shoes, I just think this is a pretty cool looking design, maybe the patent examiners did as well. They granted this a patent on November 11th the same year……..



2 thoughts on “Connecticut Patent of the Day: It’s a “Shoe-In”!

  1. Continue to post what CT has invented!! We love getting the education during the summer months while school is out! How about the ‘deer pull’, that was invented in Enfield…. search for the patent….. you find one and then I will find one!!!

  2. Oh cool, this guy , Claude Daniels, lived up the street from me (albeit, 20 years before I was born). I looked him up in the old phone books in the Greenwich Library.

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