A Green Connecticut Invention?

Nectar of the Gods?

March is a glorious month for many reasons. Winter is done, pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training, March Madness starts soon, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates all things Irish, bulbs start sprouting from the mud, we set our clocks ahead, my birthday (and my oldest son’s) are this month, and best of all……….


Now, I can’t find a lot of evidence to prove this, but by some accounts, and from rumors I’ve heard for years, they were invented by a McDonald’s franchisee from Enfield, (my hometown) Connecticut. And strangely enough, invented in 1966,  the same year I was born! Can you say Karma!!!

Never had one? I pity you. Minty liquid gold they be. 420 calories of pure, fake minty flavor, in a shade of green that makes one think of the “Old Sod”.  Pair it up with a couple cheeseburgers and you have the ultimate in comfort food. I can remember many a March high school night hanging out with friends at the local Mickey D’s, inhaling “Shammy’s” and burgers until we cold stuff in no more. Sad, on March 31st, when the last of the shakes oozed out of the shake machines until the next year…….

This past Saturday after celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday at a local museum, our bellies craving sustenance, my wife and I looked at each other and declared our need for something green . Making our way to the nearest McD’s we were turned away due to a “broken milkshake machine”. Not to be foiled I turned up my Shamrock Shake radar and found another purveyor and soon it was a round of Shamrock Shakes for everyone! My fatherly pride swelled as I watched my sons and daughter, (named Erin of course) get that wonderful green shamrock mustache.  I swear these shakes are the nectar of the gods. Pair it with a filet o’fish sandwich or a couple cheeseburgers………now that’s livin…..

I declare March 1st to be a new holiday in my family. From now on we will seek out the shakes on this day. Raising a cup we will all honor our favorite uncle: His Greenness O’Grimacey. A fat, jolly soul whose appearance every March makes me smile…..

As we Irish say “Faugh a Ballagh!” (clear the way!!) I need a Shamrock Shake!!!!!!!

Pretty soon I’ll resemble O’Grimacey in more ways than one.


One thought on “A Green Connecticut Invention?

  1. Who knew? Never would have guessed that the Shamrock shake may have originated in Enfield! And here’s to reaching O’Grimacey proportions post-haste 🙂

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