Ice Age Connecticut

The ice is everywhere this morning. On my car, on the trees, power lines, sidewalks, on my kids toys frozen in the snow, buried in the backyard. Huge icicles dangle from our house, like stalactites in an underground cave. In one way it’s kind of cool to look at, that is until you spend too much time admiring only to discover you’re doing an unwanted gymnastic split with your legs splayed open like a pair of ice tongs….gotta love winter in New England.

With that in mid here’s a few ice related inventions from Connecticut over the years, beginning with ways to get around on the ice:

The Ice Velocipede

The Ice Boat

Taking care of our animal companions: The Hoof Cleaner. I could use one of these to get the ice out of my hoofs…

Hoof Cleaner

And of course, in the summer when it’s 95 degrees we could all use one of these when the family takes a trip to the ice cream stand……

Ice Cream Cone Carrier

And of course there are numerous inventions related to ice skates and the like from Connecticut. More about them in my previous post Ice Skates, Harpoons and Hockey. (God, I love listening to Brass Bonanza!)


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