Let It Snow!!

The snow will be falling soon, so get out there and get your bread, milk and whatever else you need to survive 24 hours segregated from the rest of society. Me and my boys? We’ll be getting our sleds ready. My disdain for snow has grown over the years. But as of late, seeing the joy my 5 and 3 year old have on their faces when they are tramping, diving, sledding and snow angel making in it has made me reconsider. So when I took them to their first big hill sledding a couple of weeks back I decided just to deal with it and let the snow fly…..As an added bonus I have also rediscovered how wonderful a cup of hot chocolate really does taste after a day of sledding.

With that in mind here’s a sled invention from 1863 Meriden:

Improvement in "Boys Sleds". Sorry Ladies....


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