Happy Watermelon Day!

To me a cool, juicy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day is one of the joys of summer. Especially after a hot run or bike ride there’s nothing better. One of my fondest watermelon memories occurred when I was working for the National Park Service as an archaeologist on the plains of North Dakota during one of the hottest summers on record some years back. Our crew was covered in dirt, dust and sweat that caked on to us like cement. One day a visitor to our site noticed our condition, kindly went to a nearby grocery store, bought a bunch of watermelons and delivered them to our gang of dirty diggers. The sheer joy of biting into that juicy, cool hunk of melon still makes me smile today.

In celebration of National Watermelon Day I present to you this 1923 watermelon inspired invention of Sumner F Call from Hartford Connecticut:

Watermelon Carrier


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