Sam Colt in New Jersey

Sam Colt is one of Connecticut’s most famous inventors and industrialists. But did you know that his first manufacturing company wasn’t located here in Connecticut? It was in Paterson New Jersey. Today, March 5th, is the 174th anniversary of the founding of the company in 1836. Here, for the first time, were made the famous and now very collectible Paterson pistols.

The factory, located on the Passaic River, lasted until 1842, when due to quarrels, rivalries and a lack of appreciation of the “modern methods” that Colt favored, it shut down.

Paterson NJ Factory

Of course, Sam was undeterred and went on to great fame and fortune. Here at the Museum of CT History we have an amazing collection of Colt firearms, advertising materials, company literature, machine tools, photo’s, documents and more. Probably one of, if not the best assemblage of Colt stuff in the world. They all help to tell the story of one of our most famous personalities. For some fun check out our Digital Collections where these images came from, they are amazing!


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