Uncle Charley Gets Some Help

With the “Fall Classic” aka the World Series approaching here’s a Connecticut invention that would give a decided advantage to pitchers if it were in use today. The “Device For Use of Base Ball Pitchers” was patented in 1897 by Edward J. Prindle of Torrington.  This “Device” according to Prindle would allow players to pitch “what are termed curved balls with greater facility and with a greater deviation or degree of curvature than has heretofore been possible.”

Prior to getting a patent for the device, Mr. Prindle advertised its benefits in the 1895 Spalding Base Ball Guide.  Prindle boasted that the device is “neatly constructed on scientific principles and is a marvel of simplicity” and accordingly the “pitcher who uses one of the ‘Curvers’  has the opposing team completely at his mercy”.

Oh, in case you are wondering about the title, “Uncle Charley” is one of the many nicknames that pitchers and wiffing batters have given the curveball over the years. I hope Charley is in fine form for Yankee pitchers this October……



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