Passing of a Great Inventor

Sad news today that on Thursday legendary musician and inventor Les Paul died at the age of 94. Inventor of the solid body electric guitar and numerous recording studio innovations Les Paul changed the face of modern music and helped to usher in Rock and Roll music. Eric Clapton, Slash, Joe Perry, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck etc. etc. All the great rock guitarists followed a path that Les Paul first blazed.

I’m not sure of any Connecticut connections to Les Paul. I do know that I always tell kids in my programs that artists, musicians, authors and the like are all inventors. Inventors  are always thinking; challenging themselves to create, improve, make a difference. Les Paul did that and kept working on inventions his whole life. He started young and never stopped playing, creating, tinkering. Les was playing regular gigs with a band until very recently. In his 90’s!

I can’t play a guitar worth a lick. But like so many other folks, I have Les Paul to thank for his inventions and how they have made my life better. Rock on Les…..


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