Connecticut Inventions Kind of Day

For the first time in 6 months we are going to hit 70 degrees today here in the Nutmeg State! So as I sit in my office glancing at the beautiful blue sky, my mind wanders to thinking of what I would rather be doing. And of course some CT inventions play a part…….

1. I’m hungry.  I would love to be scarfing down right now either a Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburger, a buttered lobster roll or a sub sandwich.

2.  I want to be outside.  Playing with a  Wiffle Ball or Frisbee sounds mighty tempting right about now.

3.  I’d like to be at Yankee Stadium.  I’m sure the Yankees catcher will be wearing a chest protector! Another CT Invention!!

4.  I’ve got to fix my deck at home. My trusty tape measure will sure come in handy! Thanks Alvin Fellows from New Haven back in 1868!

5.  It would be a great day for a drive in the country. Maybe to Litchfield county to drive over Bull’s Bridge in Kent which uses Ithiel Town’s Truss design.

That’s just a start. I gotta get out and enjoy this weather!!!


2 thoughts on “Connecticut Inventions Kind of Day

  1. I find your website interesting. I was thinking of having a ‘Invention Convention’ sponsored possibly by Manchester, CT. I thought that I would include both students and adults. But I’m beginning to think that mjght be too much for a starter event and besides students already have resources. That leaves the adults. I also believe that ‘Adult Conventions’ would be a ‘perker upper’ considering the state of the economy. Do you know of any gtoup that sponsors an ‘Invention Convention’ for adults?
    Mjlt Perlman

    • I can’t think of anything specifically for adults in the Connecticut area. You might want to check out Connecticut Innovations which promotes high-tech, entrepreneurial technology in Connecticut. Their website is

      Thanks for reading the blog and keep me posted if you have any plans for an adult invention convention.

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