Inventions of 2008

Time Magazine has come out with their annual “The Best Inventions of the Year” list. Check it out and see what you think.

My favorites from the list include #1 the Retail DNA Test. I’ve already done one of these as part of my family history research. Accurate, inexpensive and amazing to me as historian. Mine disproved some old family stories and legends and brought up some new questions.

I also liked # 19 the Montreal Public Bike System. Basically they are bikes that can be rented for short periods of time when you are in the city. Other cities around the world have tried this including Paris with some success. The Montreal one is a bit more high tech and secure. Montreal is a great city that just got a bit cooler in my opinion. Hartford and other small cities are you listening???

#43 the High Tech Running Shoes also appeals to me as a runner. These shoes may be pricey now, but eventually this tech stuff will trickle down and be more affordable.

One invention of 08 that I don’t like is #38. Baseball’s instant replay. I’m a traditionalist, so if the game made it over 100 years without it, leave it alone. It’s a GAME after all and baseball has bigger problems to confront than instant replay. Like playing the World Series in November or a dwindling interest in baseball in urban America, etc. etc……….

Check out the list, it’s sure to make ya think. Happy New Year!!!!


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