Connecticut Open House Day-June 14th 2008

The Museum of Connecticut History will take part in Connecticut’s Open House Day which happens this year on June 14th. Open House Day is the state’s Commission on Culture and Tourism’s one-day statewide event to celebrate Connecticut’s unique history and culture. Here at the museum we will offer several fun and informative family activities including, of course, a special Connecticut Invents! program. And best of all everything is FREE!

A number of other museums and institutions in downtown Hartford are also participating on the 14th. So make a day of it and discover what Connecticut has to offer. And when you come to the museum, don’t forget to take home your free Frisbee! (A Connecticut invention of course…..)

Below is a schedule for the days events at the Museum of Connecticut History. For more information about statewide events visit

Free Frisbees to the first 100 Visitors!

9:00 Museum of Connecticut History opens
10:00 A visit from Jordan Freeman, an African-American Revolutionary War soldier from Connecticut.
11:00 Connecticut Invents! A special Open House Day program for all ages.
1:00 Family Scavenger Hunt. Explore Connecticut’s fascinating past during this guided hunt.
Remember all activities are free!! Please call 860-757-6693 with any questions.


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