Connecticut Invents! Summer 2008

I’ll be hitting the road this summer to locations around Connecticut, spreading the word about Connecticut inventors and inventions. The program will be offered to kids entering the 4th, 5th and 6th grades at the locations listed below. During the program participants will learn about famous and not so famous inventors and inventions, check out some neat Connecticut made stuff from the museum’s collection and of course try their hands at inventing. Below is what I have booked thus far, be sure to check back again to see further bookings as we get closer to summer.

June 26th   Easton Public Library   1:00

July 8th     North Haven Library   10:30

July 10th   Sprague Public Library   11:00

July 15th   Hartford Public Library   1:30

July 16th   Waterford Public Library   1:00

July 17th   Southbury Public Library   10:00

July 23rd   Putnam Public Library   1:00

July 24th   Sloane Stanley Museum (Kent)   7:00

July 29th   Franklin Library   10:00

July 31st   Marlborough Public Library   10:30

August 5th   Killingly Library   1:00

August 7th   Woodbridge Library   2:00

August 14th   Cheshire Public Library   10:30

August 19th   Ridgefield Public Library   10:30


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