“On the Road Again”…….

The Connecticut Invents! summer program tour has begun! Yesterday was my first program of the summer and it was great! Inventive kids, great hosts and a historic building. What more could I hope for? I was in Sprague Connecticut, which for those of you who have never been there is just north of Norwich, on the Shetucket River. The library where I presented the program is located in a beautiful old grist mill (circa 1856) right on the river. I even had a chance to check out the remains of the mill works before the program began. Very cool in a lot of ways but mainly just because it is neat to see Connecticut history in its original setting.

Sprague is a pretty small town (with a rich industrial past) but even so it has had its share of Connecticut inventors. A quick check of the Connecticut Patents Database shows that the town had three inventors granted patents for a “loom picker”, “alarm clock” and “warp dressing machine” between 1862 and 1880. It just goes to show you that inventors and inventions can come from anywhere.

After the program ended I took in some more Connecticut history. Stopping in Lebanon I visited the gravesites of our Revolutionary War Governor John Trumbull and one of Connecticut’s signers of the Declaration of Independence, William Williams. And finally, I ate one of Connecticut’s inventions: a hamburger at Harry’s in Colchester. Truly an inventive and historical day in the Nutmeg state……

Next week I’m off to Salisbury and Farmington to present the program. As Willie Nelson says “I can’t wait to get on the road again…………” Hope to see you there!


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