Connecticut Inventor: Sam Colt

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Hartford native Samuel Colt (1814-1862) is perhaps best known as the inventor of the first practical revolving pistol. His invention gave Colt gun users greatly increased firepower compared to guns that had to be reloaded after every shot. Colt operated a huge factory in Hartford that produced hundreds of thousands of guns for personal, military and law enforcement use. In fact during the Civil War alone the factory made over 500,000 guns for the United States. Colt firearms also produced weapons used in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. Today the Colt factory is still in business in West Hartford Connecticut producing high quality firearms for a variety of purposes.

The Museum of Connecticut History displays the Colt Factory Collection. This amazing collection is one of the best in the world, displaying prototype and experimental firearms, Gatling guns, shotguns and automatic weapons all made by Colt. Also on display are Colt marketing materials and the original “Rampant Colt” statue which stood atop the factory for many years.

Samuel Colt is perhaps Connecticut’s most famous inventor. Learn more about him and the Colt company at


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